How to Plan a Baby Shower?

How to Plan a Baby Shower?

If you don’t know “How to Plan a Baby Shower on a limited Budget?” then don’t get disappointed because you can plan best of the baby shower with a low budget. In this post, we have come up with interesting ideas and tips for the average baby shower budget. Read on and find out how you can plan the most amazing baby shower even with limited finances.

It all starts with a theme:

By picking a theme, you will be able to focus your efforts in a particular direction. Moreover, there would be a good synchronization in your menu, decorations, invitations etc. You can browse for cheap baby shower ideas and themes to make your pick. Some of these include the balloon theme, pop-up theme, color based themes, paper puffs etc.

Choose a Baby Shower Venue:

Once you have the guest list ready, it is time to look for baby shower venues on a budget. The best would be your home, provided you have enough space and you can manage things at home. Your living room or backyard would make a good pick. Make sure that you keep in mind the season and the time of the party to make your party a success. In case you cannot have a party at home then you can look for a small place in the vicinity which is offering a good deal. A restaurant down the lane with decent prices is always as good pick.

Use Templates for Invitations:

Various websites offer free templates to create personalized baby shower invitations. You can select the sample based on your theme and use digital media to invite your family and friends. There is no need to spend on designing and printing of invitations as there are already various choices available online. Just click and find what suits your taste the best. You can customize each and every detail of the invitation as per your ease.

Work Out the Menu:

Like everything else, your food also needs to fall within your budget. Some of the baby shower food ideas budget includes keeping easy finger foods which are easy to cook, grab and eat. Sandwiches, nachos with dips, pasta etc. are always the best things to have on your menu as they taste good and are liked by all. Don’t miss on having ice cream on the baby shower menu budget with various kinds of toppings to let your guests have a good variety to choose from.

Games to Entertain:

Make sure you have thought of some games to entertain your guests and make the baby shower a memorable time for you. You can browse online various such games which are perfect to add more fun to your celebrations. Make it a happening event for all your guests by engaging them in fun-filled activities.

Baby Shower Decorations:

You must decorate the place for the occasion. With cheap homemade baby shower decorations, you can decorate your space in the most beautiful way possible. You can use balloons, ribbons, frills, theme-based paper cut-outs to set up space in the most exquisite way possible. For instance, if you have a room full of balloons hanging from the ceiling, you don’t have to spend much on such a decoration and it would look simply amazing. Make sure that your decoration complements your theme.

Baby Custom Monthly Milestone Onesies for Baby Shower Gift:

Make the first year of your baby special with unique custom monthly milestone onesies set for 1-12M. Monthly milestone rompers and onesies sets for babies which are a perfect baby shower gift. Must have a set of 1-12 custom milestone onesies and rompers for each and every month.

Baby Shower Favors:

The next important thing on the list is party favors. If you are looking for a unique yet cheap baby shower gift for your family and friends then the best thing would be to make them home. If you are in search of ideas for baby shower favors to make yourself then you can make cookies, jams, candies etc. and pack them nicely as customized homemade presents for all the guests.

With these things in mind, you can definitely plan a great baby shower with a small budget. It is your creativity that counts more than the amount of money you plan to put in. So focus on each of the points mentioned above and you will be able to have wonderful arrangements. If you want all things at the top level, just give us a chance to Promises Kept. Send your queries here


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